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25 September 1988
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"no wonder truth is stranger than fiction. fiction has to make sense."

ME alberto. nineteen. student. italian. positive. passional. energetic.

LOVE sports. music. foreign languages. skiing. tennis. messing with photoshop. graphics. icons. saturated colors. putting effort into things. green. blue. white. short girls ^^

TENNIS daniela hantuchova. justine henin. dominika cibulkova. ana ivanovic. roger federer. gaston gaudio. andy murray. joachim johansson. feliciano lopez. juan carlos ferrero. tommy robredo. david nalbandian. playing of course.

TV not a tv series freak. house md. too many movies.

MUSIC muse. rage against the machine. bad religion. subways. satriani. anything in the alternative/new/punk rock area. guitars. effects. classical piano.

PLACES italy. norway. london.

WISHLIST travel the world. visit spain, netherlands and any place worth visiting. live abroad for a bit. keep an open mind. seeing different cultures/points of view. be happy and loved of course.

Graphics & Rules*
"it is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation."

ALL graphics displayed in this journal are made by me.

CREDIT dream_springs if you use one of my icons graphics etc.

DO NOT EDIT my icons graphics etc. DO NOT HOTLINK.

COMMENT what you like and what you don't. or just say hi. i post my work here because i'd like to receive comments, feedback, advice. don't be lazy. don't be shy.

FRIEND me if you like what you see.

"a mind once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimension."

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layout and profile coded (with patience and effort) by me. thanks to cartonage for their 'flexible squares' guide.